Thursday, June 19, 2014

Justice has been served

This event took place here in Rochester, NY where I live and though the gunman is long gone his "accomplice" has been dealt a hard blow that she deserves, which is the maximum sentence of 4 years.
In 2012 on Christmas eve a man set a car on fire and then he lay in wait for fire fighters to arrive, when they arrived he shot them wounding two and killing two.
These two of the firemen were not going to be able to celebrate the Christmas holidays with their families that year or any year to com because one woman helped an ex con get his hands on guns and ammo.
As an ex con, William Spengler, who's name I hate to mention as what he did was in excusable, he wasn't allowed to have any weapons at all.
She took money from him in exchange for buying those guns for him.. absolutely horrible.
Dawn Nguyen went and lied on paperwork used to buy guns and those guns she bought for the killer who had killed his own sister because she was going to call the police on him.
This woman knew he killed his sister and he had also killed his grandmother which was the reason he was in jail the first place.
His sisters body was found in his burning home which he set ablaze just before he went to kill the fire men.
Ms. Nguyen knew he killed his sister she said so in a text message to one of her friends and yet she still bought him the guns.


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