Thursday, June 26, 2014

A Skittle addict?


My eldest niece loves Skittles and tastes the rainbow just aboutevery day.. yeap I usually will buy her a bag of Skittles daily.
I know.. bad Aunty ..but hey if it makes her happy then I'm ok with that. It's come to my attention that she does not share very well when it comes to said Skittles.
I know for a fact that she WAS taught to share, but when it comes to those she will not share.. unless it's the green ones because she hates the green ones.

I'm not big on the green ones either, but when I buy them I share with her.. as if I have a choice!
The last time I had a big bag of skittles I made the mistake ofpouring them in a bowl on my desk.. came home from work and those babies were gone!
All that was left for me were the green ones so I know for a fact that it was her who ate them.
I know you can become addicted to many things, but do you think someone can become addicted to say.. Skittles??
The Skittle monster in her comes out when someone touches her bag of rainbow goodness as she calls them..
So this leaves me to wonder.. is she addicted or just plain weird?? 

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