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X-Men: The Phoenix Reborn { Ch 1&2 }


Chapter1: Dear Diary
Arianna Summers wandered out onto the back patio. She cut across the lawn and found her favorite tree. In a few swift moves she had climbed the tree and was perched among the branches, her journal resting on her lap.
"I visited Daddy in the hospital wing today, Aunt Oro says that he could come around any time.. she's been saying that for months, heck for years now. He's been in the coma for 15 years. I was 1 when the whole battle thing took place. Mom had been gone for so long, when she came back she was someone we didn't know, she had changed somehow.. I don't know, all I do know is that I miss the mother I never got to know, I miss my dad even though he's right here and I can touch him.. I'm a girl who misses the sound of her daddy's voice."
Sighing, Arianna climbed out of the tree and headed back into the mansion. As she walked up the stairs toward her room. She passed by pictures of past members of the team X-Men. Professor Xavier and her mother's picture hung on the wall over the stairs. She stopped in front of the door next to her's and moved forward, once inside her room she opened the door between the two rooms and went inside the room that belonged to her parent's. There were various pictures around the room, some of her parent's together and a few of her as a baby. During her mother's funeral, she was buried with a picture of the three of them as they were on their way home from the hospital. It was taken the day she was born.
"Hey honey," said Oro Munroe, also known as Storm, as she walked into the room and sat on the edge of the bed, "we're going to the mall, do you wanna go?"
"I dunno," said Arianna hestiantly, "I guess so. Is it true that Logan's coming back?"
"That's what Rogue said," replied Storm as Arianna stared out the window," he should be here sometime today."
"Ok, I'll get my purse," after Storm rose off the bed, Ariann quickly fixed the blanket and smoothed everything out," I want everything to be perfect when Daddy wakes up, I want it to look the same way it did when he was last here."
Storm watched as her goddaughter went around straightening up the bedspread and smiled. She was definitely Jean's daughter, due to the fact that Jean was a neat freak and liked everything in it's place. She was also a strong part of Scott, she has his stubborness and his braveness. She's also very outspoken, just like her father.
Arianna came back with her purse and stood in the doorway. As they walked down the stairs, she turned to her aunt, a haunted expression on her face,"Something bad is going to happen.. maybe we should stay home.."
Another thing, she had her mother's telepathic ability and at times it gave Oro the creeps as to how accurate the child could be.
"Don't worry, everything will be fine. Rogue and Bobby will be coming along, so don't worry. Nothing bad is going to happen." Storm smiled at the young girl, but secretly wondered what the outcome of this trip would be.
In the van's, the students talked among themselves. Storm was behind the wheel of one while Bobby was driving the other. As he drove behind Storm, he mumbled to himself as to how slow she was driving, and referred to her as a granny driver. Arianna started laughing and had a mental image in her head of an old woman driving down the street at 10 miles per hour.
Arianna rubbed her head and leaned back against the seat. She closed her eyes and sighed. Her head was filled with voices. She was good at zoning out the voices in the car, but the thoughts she had problems tuning out.


Chapter 2: Incident at the Mall
Some called them Muties, some referred to them as freaks. Arianna cringed whenever she heard those two names. Not that she was hurting or anything, she was trying to control her anger, a feeble attempt to shield her anger from everyone else around her.
To be truthful she despised humans, all of them. It was their fault her mother was dead, their fault her father was in a coma and their fault her adopted grandfather was dead.
She listened with mild interest to a group of teenagers who were playing a newly released video game called "Kill the Mutant". The teens were cheering each other on and encouraging them to kill the virtual mutants in the video game with their hand held video guns. Arianna felt the rage build up inside of her. The voices in her head grew louder and louder still.
Sneering at them she looked at the boy who had just won the game, he was drinking a coke and eating a hot dog. She smiled to herself as she watched him and began to mentally count to three. On the unlucky three the young boy dropped his drink and hotdog, his hands went to his throat. His friends tried to help him as well as other's around them, but the young man had choked to death.

"Hey Ari, were going into Hot Topic," yelled one of her classmates. Arianna turned to follow and found herself face to face with Storm, who had a very angry look on her face.
"Tell me you had nothing to do with that, young lady," whispered Storm, "Ari tell me!"
"I had nothing to do with it." The young girl smiled and ran off to join her friends in the store while Storm watched the commotion across the room. The children were immediately gathered up and ushered into the van. The trip was over before it had begun.

The spirit of Jean Gray floated around mostly moving between the afterworld and the Mansion, all the time keeping an eye on Scott and Arianna. Most unfortunately, he was still in the coma which was a result of the battle between the mutants and the humans. Both she and he were on opposing teams. She had joined forces with Magneto and his team called The Brotherhood, while he stood strong with the X-Men. Remembering what she had done filled her with so much sadness, she was sure she would never be the same again.
At the time she wasn't in control of herself, she knew that but it still didn't help her accept that she had attacked her fiancee and the father of her child, and that she killed Professor Xavier, the only man who was like a father to her. Let alone she left behind a daughter, who would forever remember that her mother destroyed her young life before she had a chance to live it.

Once back at the mansion, Storm took Arianna into the kitchen and sat her down at the table. "Tell me the truth young lady, did you have anything to do with that young boy's death?"
"What's going on?" inquired Logan as he storlled into the kitchen and pulled a beer out of the back of the fridge.
"Hi Logan, how are you, how was the trip?" inquired Arianna a she rushed into his arms. Despite the fact that he killed her mother with his claws, she understood that it was something he had to do, at least she thought so anyway.
"Don't try to change the subject, Arianna Jean Summers. Did you have anything to do with that young man's death at the mall?" Demanded Storm, her eyes flashed from brown to white in a matter od seconds, she was getting angry, the room was suddenly alot colder that it was before.
Arianna gave her aunt a steady look and a half smile formed on her lips. "I'm not scared, you want the truth, yeah I did it, he deserved it, all humans deserve it. Look what they do to us day after day.. I want them all to die!" Arianna ran upstairs, she locked herself in her parents room and refused to come out.

Jean floated into the kitchen in time to hear of her daughter's confession. Her thought's were a jumble, her fifteen year old daughter committed a murder. She watched as her daughter fled upstairs and followed after her. She floated upstairs and through the door of the bedroom she once shared with Scott. Everything was the same, there were fresh flowers in the vase and it was dusted and clean.
Lying on the bed was Arianna, who was curled up under her father's jacket, crying uncontrollably. Jean sat on the bed next to her and brushed her ghostly hand across her child's forehead and sent a thought into the young girls head. "We should never use our powers to hurt people, Arianna. Always remember that."

Arianna heard her mother's voice inside her head, speaking softly and calmly. She recognized the voice due to the many video's she's seen of her parent's. She closed her eyes and willed herself to go to sleep.

"She's just mixed up Storm, give her time to heal. You both need to relax and get yourselves together, then sit and talk about the whole mall thing. Try to get her to understand that she can't use her powers against humans, despite the fact that most of them are fucktards and jackasses." mused Logan as he went to the fridge for another beer then he sat back down and leaned back in his chair, balancing on the two back legs.
"A part of me doesn't even know who she is," said Storm," she's become so withdrawn and very rarely comes out of Scott and Jean's room, if she does it's for meals only, then she's back up there by herself. When she's not up there she's downstairs in the infirmary with Scott, talking to him. Hank say's she just sits there and stares at him, she'll read to him and talk to him about some of the things she's learned, but never about anything that's bothering her."
"Well why would she tell him something bad, she's normally not a negative person," said Logan as he glanced outside.
"Exactly, which is why this isn't like Arianna at all," Storm looked outside, dark storm clouds began to roll in and a great storm ripped through the sky, "it's like she's turning into someone else.. someone negative, like.."
"The dark phoenix.." finished Logan. He stood up and walked to the door,"I'm going to go check on the runt, then I'm going to bed. Don't worry, let things work themselves out, they always do."

It was dark in her dreams, Arianna found herself in an alley just outside of the mall. She walked to a graffiti covered door and pushed it open. Stepping inside she found a group of teenage humans hanging out. Some were playing pool, while other's were dancing or playing video games.
"Kill the fucking Mutants!" yelled a girl as she shot at the virtual mutants with the video game gun controller.
Though she knew that she shouldn't hurt them and that it was wrong, she just had an overwhelming desire to hear them scream for mercy.. mercy which she wasn't willing to give them. She thought of all of the other mutants who were brutally slain by them humans, all because they were different and not normal.
She closed her eyes and raised her hands, willing the powers within her to take control and do her bidding. Screams were heard echoing throughout the building as windows were breaking, the shards of glass were flying freely around the room embedding themselves in the unsuspecting teens where they stood. When she opened her eyes she saw a secene that left her in awe. The ground was littered with dead bodies. She was feeling very satisfied with herself.
A figure stepped out of the shadows, it was her mother or so she thought, her flaming red hair floating around her face and shoulders. She remembered when her mother had first vanished her hair was shorter, but when she was found it was longer.. when she was the Phoenix.
Arianna jolted awake and gasped. Her heart was pounding in her chest, she went into the bathroom and drank a glass of water, trying to clear her head. When she looked into the mirror she screamed and ran into the bedroom. She watched in shock as the figure of her mother floated out of the shadows in the bedroom and stood before her. She kept telling herself it was just a dream and nothing more, she kept repeating it, trying to force herself to believe it. "Momma?"
"The Dark Phoenix.. at your service."

Logan knocked on the door going into Scott and Jeans room. He yawned and stretched his arms and back. They were stiff and he felt achy all over from the long ride back from Canada. "Hey Ari, ya awake in there?"
He heard a muffled cry of alarm so he pushed the door open. Ari was standing in the corner of the room, her face frozen with a mixture of fear and shock. "Honey, ya OK?"
Ari stood staring at the TV as a news report flashed across the screen, he body went limp and she fell to the floor on her knees. Logan looked at the TV , "A group of teenagers were found dead tonight. They were found in a warehouse belonging.."
"I didn't mean to.. it was just a dream, just a dream.." The young girls face became pale as she rocked herself back and forth muttering that it was just a dream.
Logan picked her up and carried her downstairs to the med- lab where Dr. Hank McCoy was taking care of her father. "What happened here?" inquired the mutant known as Beast as he pushed the button on the wall next to Scott to alert the other's to come down.
Rogue and Bobby followed Storm down, Logan told them about the incident in Arianna's room, the news broadcast and her reaction to it. "She kept saying it was just a dream.."
"Those children were cut to shreds by shards of glass from the windows," said Bobby who had just previously watched the very same news broadcast, he watched Hank give Arianna a sedative,"they're not sure how the glass broke in the first place. The guy who owns the warehouse said he was in the process of fixing it up, all of the windows were replaced with new glass panes."
Rogue leaned over the body of Scott and whispered quietly," I know a young lady who could really use her daddy right now.."
Logan,Storm,Bobby and Hank walked out of the room, Rogue sat next to Arianna and placed her gloved hand on the young girls arm, "I'm going to sit with her for a while. I'll be up later."
Logan nodded and the elevator door closed behind him.

Scott heard the words whispered in his ear. Something was wrong, he could feel it. He kept trying to move, but it was impossible to do so, but for the sake of his daughter he wouldn't give up.

The dark Phoenix drifted around the shadows smiling to herself. The mansion was big with alot of places for her to lurk in. She walked across the oversized attic and layed on the bed. She knew for sure that no one ever went into the attic, they always found it dark and creepy. Just her kind of place to hang out. Why the bed was up there she didn't know, but she was grateful for it none the less.
She was also overly proud of herself for the good job she did with the Summer's brat. In a few days she'll have a new body to inhabit and the soul living within that body will cease no more.
Turning a child toward the dark side isn't that hard, well this one isn't anyway. Just offer some power candy and she was eating it up. All a girl ever wants is power.
The dark one drifted down to the med lab and smiled. The girl was laying on the table unconscious. her plan was going along smoothly.

A sudden chill swept through the mansion as Storm and the other's stepped into the main hallway.
"What on earth is that," asked Rogue who pulled her sweater around herself tighter,"is it either of you?"
Bobby shook his head as did Storm. Logan stepped out of the elevator and raised an eyebrow,"Wanna turn the chill factor down a little?"
"It's not me," said Storm, she looked over at Bobby, who merely shrugged his shoulders at her,"not him either."
Logan walked around then hall and then to the door when someone knocked. A slight shadow could be seen behind the glass.
19 year old Catherine Moore walked into the mansion and smiled. She flung herself into Logans arms and hugged him. She looked around with a quizzical look on her face and glanced up at Logan, "You never told me this place was haunted, how cool!"
"Haunted," asked Rogue curiously,"and just who are you?"
"Oh yeah,"mumbled Logan,"this is Catherine Moore, a pal of mine. I met her the same way I did you,kid, picked her up off the side of the road."
"I see," said Rogue with a tinge of jealousy in her voice,"and what do you mean this place is haunted?"
"Yep it is, by a woman. She's actually here in the room with us." Catherine went on to describe the female spirit.
"You just described Jean before she became.. she's dead though."Bobby looked around trying to get a glimpse of the former X-Men's ghost.
"She's here because of her daughter and fiancee.."Catherine looked around then suddenly jumped. She spun around and gasped, "she has a twin sister?"
"No as far as I know Jean was an only child.." said Storm,"only Scott and the professor know for sure."
Catherine looked from side to side as if in shock,"No I definitely see two of them, one with short auburn hair and the other with long red hair, she said she liked being called the Phoenix."

Chapter 3:
Jean stood staring at her former self, her hands clenched at her sides. The Phoenix smiled and listened as the woman spoke about her and Jean to the other's in the room," This bitch is smart, her powers are strong too, stronger than your's were.. of course she isn't scared of her powers like you were."
Leave now, you have no business here." demanded Jean.
"Well now Jeanie, I'm you.. well a more powerful you, but then again you could never handle the power, let alone your own powers."

**To be continued**

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