Friday, May 02, 2014


Here is another of Morgan's Muzy's. Some of the quotes she comes up with blows my mind.
A few years ago she lost a good friend, well call her J, to another person.. pretty much J found a new best bff and Morgan was ignored.
Now the new bff didn't like Morgan so J didn't hang out with or talk to Morgan any more.
Morgan's future with J was erased by J's new bff. Morgan mourned the loss of her best bff, but after a while she had to move on and found new bff's.
These are people who enjoy having her around and low and behold, they are all friends with each other, so there's no alienating the others in the group.
Now J's back and trying to be bff's again and I'm wary of the whole situation, my gut tells me to warn her to be cautious, which I did.
I don't want to see her get hurt again, but I know she needs to make her own decisions.
It's a very hard thing to do this.. letting her grow up and experience the pain and joys of growing up.

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