Saturday, May 03, 2014

Morgan's Muzy

My eldest niece Morgan joined this site called and started making inspirational photos with beautiful quotes.
She admits that she has a low self esteem and has said that she plans to build her's up as well as help other's build up their own.
One thing she talked to me about was perfection and how she feels people abuse the word.
 While I say that she's perfect for who she is, she tells me that she's far from being perfect.
I understand that, I tell her, but as far as I'm concerned she is perfectly Morgan.

Everyone has their flaws and imperfections, we are all unique in our own way and I hope that
someday she really believes that she is perfect the way she is.
The thing about her is that she loves so deeply with her very soul and doesn't expect anything back.
If one of her friends is upset, she's the first one there to find out what she can do to help them and is loved for that.
She has shared her lunch with someone because they had nothing to eat and again expected nothing in return.
She puts her family and friends first.. most of the time, but should R5 or One Direction enter the picture your totally forgotten until they leave..
That to me is what makes her perfectly Morgan, she is perfect the way she is in my opinion.
I know we disagree on that, but one day I really hope she sees how wonderful she really is.

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