Friday, May 02, 2014

Marvel Madness : Killing Wolverine.. How dare they!

So rumour has it is that the idiotic powers to be at Marvel are going to kill Wolverine off and their reason is shoddy at that. I for one am not amused with this new and stupid idea at all.. I seriously think they are running out of story lines for him or something.  They are going to make him loose his healing abilities and die in a fight, which up to this day He has Never lost a fight in his life.

 Wolverine is my all time favourite X-Men aside from Jean Grey, though I must admit with her I just like her powers not really her in general. In all seriousness when someone mentions X-Men I bet the first one a majority of people think about first is Wolverine.  He is in my opinion the best mutant created.

I'm sure other's will disagree with me as each mutant created as their own unique gifts, but you have to admit, Logan has kicked more butt than most of the other's.  The X-Men will be nothing without him to be honest and if they do kill him off, I for one will no longer read the comics as he is the reason I enjoy them so much.  Instead of killing him off I think they should send him on a quest to find a cure for the loss of powers or even find a potion for more self healing.

According to Wikipedia his adamantium skeleton is what is poisoning him and Beast has created a drug to counteract the poison.  If Stryker gave him this skeleton, then he could have created a cure for this poison.. yes it's stretching it, but hey you never know.. right?

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