Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Ugh... Only me..

Well it seems that if I want to see my whole blog I have to use AOL to get a look at it, but I can't update it on AOL though I can only update the blog on Explorer.
Not sure as to what's up with that, but I'll figure it out or find someone who knows how to fix it. My boss at work is good with fixing things computer wise, maybe I'll bring the lap top in so she can look at it and see if she can figure out as to why my blogger dashboard won't load for me.
I did my hair tonight, it's a nice shade of black, though one of my fingers has a black stain on it due to a hole in the glove, lol just my luck I tell ya!
Ok it's after 10pm and I have work tomorrow, so I'm off to bed. Sweet dreams to all and have a good day tomorrow. :)

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