Tuesday, April 01, 2014

The Sorcerer's Apprentice {Ch 1}

As I was leaning over the waist high stone fence to smell the jasmine that lounged nearby, a man in a deep purple robe came hurrying around the corner of the old weathered cottage waving his hands in the air showing as he spoke to himself.

I hurriedly jumped over the gate and ran up to the door, hoping to get there before it slammed closed behind him. "Excuse me, excuse me Sir!"

"Go away little girl, I have no time to deal with your games today, I'm expecting a very important visitor and don't need you hanging around. Now shoo, off with you!" he waved his hand in my general direction and set about looking for his spectacles, which conveniently resided on the top of his head.

"Sir, please I was sent here to see you, I was told you were.." before I could finish my sentence, the man turned on me with a finger pointing in my face.

"I'm expecting my new apprentice and no one else. Now unless your name is Del, you will leave at once." he turned and pulled a worn parchment off the shelf beside him and laid it carefully on the table.

"My name is Delilah, Sir. You spoke to my father in town a few days ago about training me in the art of sorcery. Lord Butler is my father." I huffed angrily at him and blew a stray of hair out of my face.
He turned to me and gave me a scrutinized look of annoyance and sat in the chair next to the table. "He said the child's name was Del, not Delilah."

"You never gave him a chance to finish telling you my name, Sir. You were in a hurry to get home that afternoon," I said slowly as I sat on the floor with my legs crossed in front of me, "I am very eager and serious to learn and I am not one to take things lightly. I'm a good listener and promise to do as you say."

He looked at me, nodding his head slowly as he took in my appearance and mannerisms. "Lessons start tomorrow, be here at this same time tomorrow and don't be late."

I jumped up and grinned happily "I will be here eager and ready to learn. I promise you won't regret this, Sir." I rushed home to tell my father the news of my apprenticeship.

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