Friday, March 28, 2014

Suicide Hotlines

Personally I see suicide as the cowards way out.
MY opinion only!
Sure your suffering and pain ends, but the pain and suffering the family that is left behind will in some way blame themselves for your death, and that blame will cause pain and suffering that they will endure until their death.
I stand by my feelings on this as well... AND I do know how it feels..
When I was a teen I attempted suicide myself.. harsh words yes they are, but help is out there and before I even touched a knife to my wrist all I thought about was my family and how they would be affected.
I was going to take the cowards way out instead of dealing with things that were going on at the time. I don't mock anyone, but if someone can use one of those numbers to get help then this post will serve it's purpose.
Each person feels differently, those are my feelings based on what I went through.
Please check out this Facebook... Stand for the Silent

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