Monday, March 31, 2014

Random Memories

I have random memories that pop into my head at all hours of the day, from past life memories to memories of what happened last summer.
A few of these memories I ran past my mother and she told me that they never took place, but yet I remember them so vividly.
One especially is I remember going to a Christmas party with a man and a woman, my brother Steve went with us.
 I wore a green and white striped dress that had a hippo or some animal on my right inner shoulder area, white tights and black shoes.
I received a bear from Santa and my brother did as well.
The house we were living in, I lovingly called The White House.
A large house with a wrap around pillared front porch, a rose bush under the window of my parent's bedroom and a gravel driveway.
I always swore I would be going back to that house someday.
I wonder if it's still there..

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