Monday, February 03, 2014

The Bully's Bully : Kickin It style!

The sidewalk was covered with multitudes of leaves, their bright colors glittered under the fallen rain and crunched under the sneakers of children was they moved from house to house in their quest for candy.
Colin and Drew were in the midst of a contest to see who could get the most candy by the end of the night.
Granted they both went to the same houses and received the same amount of candy at each hand out, they still went on with the quest every year, though this year though was different.
The new kid in the neighborhood, Louis,  was stalking in the shadows with his girlfriend and snatching bags away from the kids who were lucky.. or unlucky enough to be out alone.
They approached the last house on the street and stood frozen in their tracks, their hearts pounding in their chests and wishing that an adult would come and make them get out of the yard.
This was the spooky house you generally heard ghost stories about,  the one that was ill kept and the one with the jungle surrounding the entire house.
"OK here we are... Louie said we have to walk up to the door or we loose our candy and they beat the stuffing out of us... " stuttered Colin nervously as he shuffled from foot to foot.
Drew glanced around slowly and took a small step back. "Umm... I think I have to go to the bathroom... wait a minute..  did you really just say stuffing.. Really??"
"You think you have to go to the bathroom... Really?? I wish Katelyn and Jack were home, Jack would beat that guy up and make him wish he never move here." Colin glanced back at his friend then in one swift move reached back and yanked him forward.
Both boys glanced back and saw the two figures sitting on the curb watching them. Louie was the tallest and his girlfriend Kimberly was the shorter one.
"Yeah I wish Katelyn was here too, she'd kick that girls butt. Teach her to mess with her two favorite boys..."
Colin glanced at Drew with a raised eyebrow "Your too young for her and Jack is her boyfriend. Get over it!"

"Colin.. Drew get out of there are you crazy!!" yelled a familiar voice from the sidewalk.
"Katelyn! Jack! We're saved!!"

*To be continued* {Writing with Morgan}

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