Monday, January 20, 2014

Wolverine and Cyclops saved me this morning..

I have had some pretty crazy dreams, especially as of late and the dream I had this morning before my alarm went off had me waking up giggling.

I was laying in bed sleeping when I heard a noise across the room and woke to find 2 teenagers poking at the things on my desk.
I inquired as to what they were doing and they laughed and went into the hall and when I got up they were coming out of my mom's room.
Downstairs I noticed the dog was nowhere to be found and I was suddenly holding a steele pipe.
This very nasty looking guy was leaning against the counter glaring at me and my mom came over to me and told me they needed to use the phone and that she couldn't find hers.
I told her they were stealing stuff and she went into the dining room to find then stuffing things into their pockets , she yelled and when one came by me I smacked him in the gut with the pipe.
Next thing I know my mom is gone and that mean looking guy is heading toward me with a knife in his hand...

I yelled and kicked the basement door "A little help up here please!"
The basement door opens and Wolverine and Cyclops come into the kitchen following at their feet was my dog who never goes into the basement lol he's scared of it.
By the time those two were done "playing", my kitchen was a disaster from the fighting and whole front of the house was gone.
I stood there awkwardly waving to the people across the street as I stood there in my night shirt as snow was piling up at my feet.
Wolverine comes up behind me and yawns and says "Soo... hows about some breakfast?"

That's what I get for reading an X-Men novel before bed. lol

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