Sunday, December 15, 2013

Yummy Goodness

9 Perfect Portabella Mushroom Recipes : If you like veggies, these over-sized mushrooms are a must-try ingredient! Grill them on your barbecue, stuff them, or add them to a sizzling fajita dish- there are tons of different ways to prepare portabellas! Portabella Burgers, Portabella Pizza, Portabella Mushroom Fajitas, Stuffed Portabella Mushrooms, Grilled Portabellas, Stuffed Portabellas, Barbecued Portabella "Brisket", Cream of Portabella Soup, Avocado Cream Portabellas.

12 unique BLT Recipes! The classic combo of bacon, lettuce, and tomato is something that everyone loves. You may think that the only way to eat these yummy ingredients is in a sandwich, but there are many more fun ways to savor these flavors! From BLT stuffed tomatoes to BLT soup, this recipe collection will teach you 12 different ways to cook with bacon, lettuce, and tomatoes!

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