Monday, December 23, 2013

Munchkin Musings

I swear the Munchkins must have something against a clean bedroom because mine is an absolute mess! It was clean before they came over!!
They are such a riot these two are they can be fighting one minute and the next they are a couple of giggle boxes. 

The eldest has decided that she wanted to have a blog so I made her one of her own to write on. She posts random things on it and Quizzes that she made on a website. Morgan's Musings and Wanderlust. I know it's similar to mine title wise, but she liked the title of mine so I made her's similar hehe. Plus she wants to travel as well so it fits her.

They are currently trying to make me laugh which just isn't working out as well for them as I'm trying to get some writing done and they are using a a pointer with a rabbit paw on the end. So far I've heard ...
~ Miley Cyrus's "Wrecking ball" only it was Wrecking paw ~
~ The Jonas Brother's "Pom Pom's" was Paw Paws ~
~ Pinks song "Just Give Me a Reason" was Just Give me your Paw ~

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