Monday, December 09, 2013

Early to bed, early to rise

Today was a great day to be honest. Not a whole lot of drama took place, but I was asked a lot of rather stupid questions by a few of the customers who are regulars and in the store almost every day. I mean every day!
I swear they ask me these stupid questions just to see if I know the answer. I always answer them of course and do my best not to get too annoyed with them.
Today was a 7am to 4:30pm day. It was a long day of course and well worth it. Ya see if I play my cards right I will be getting a over 42 hour paycheck next week.. Yay Me! So I'll be grabbing any extra hours that I possibly can!
I bought a diet soda on lunch as well as an energy drink. After I drank half of the soda the two were combined for an OOMPH that kept me moving all day long. hehe 

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