Wednesday, August 07, 2013

Day off with your sign!

Fiery Aries is full of combustible energy that has to be burned off, no matter what! Extremes are what the Ram is all about, so a typical day off might include a leisurely two-hour hike up Mount Everest followed by a jet plane to Manhattan for a night of dancing and revelry in all the hottest night clubs.
A day off for steady, sensual Taurus can mean only one thing -- food consumption and maintaining a horizontal position. Whether that means floating lazily on a raft in a pool with soda and chips within easy reach or cozying up in bed with either a great novel and a bowl of rocky road ice cream or their sweetheart and a bowl of whipped cream, the Bull loves to indulge in all the creature comforts!
Where can you find a Gemini on their day off? Online. They've got at least six browsers open at once: They're reading The New York Times and The Onion while holding the stage in four chat rooms where they're busy discussing -- and arguing about -- everything from Puff Daddy's latest name-change to pomeranians to world peace.

On their day off, Cancer likes to just stay home. Sound dull? Not to the Crab! Homebodies that they are, they're in the kitchen baking pies and marinating those chicken legs for the barbecue they're planning. Better get lots of food -- Cancer has probably invited the whole family, including aunts, uncles, cousins, in-laws, pets, step-pets.

Leo the Lion likes to take their family or their sweetheart to a play on their day off. The tickets are generous Leo's treat, and they're bound to be good seats -- it's nothing but front row, center for this Lion. Don't be surprised if you glance over in the middle of the play and catch dramatic Leo mouthing the lead actor's lines!

Industrious Virgo might just use their day off to get a bit of extra cleaning done. There's nothing like the feeling of standing in the middle of a freshly scrubbed kitchen, floors gleaming and smelling of pine, the spices in alphabetical order in their rack and all the coffee mugs hanging on brand new hooks, arranged according to the colors of the rainbow.

Lovely Libra has been to the museum a million times; for something new on their day off they'll hit an art opening at a trendy new gallery downtown. Libra loves to munch on crudites and sip a glass of champagne while perusing the paintings -- and so much the better if they happen to 'accidentally' bump into an attractive stranger and strike up a conversation about the artwork!

Scorpio takes a day off in style by first hitting all the trendiest boutiques, shopping for that special something that will make their outfit complete. Then they'll dress to the nines -- feather boa, knee-high leather boots and snakeskin anything are all a possibility -- and spend the evening out club-hopping, attracting everyone around like a magnet.

High-stepping Sagittarius wants to step out on their day off. A day-trip anywhere will satisfy their urge to roam -- temporarily, anyway. In the morning they'll pack up some sandwiches and some fruit, and then, whether by plane, train, automobile or mountain bike, they'll be hitting those trails, looking for adventure.

How does Capricorn spend their day off? Well, they spend it at the office, of course. At least, part of their day off; they just have to get ahead on those reports due late next year ... But, with the right approach, the Sea Goat can be convinced to get out and have a little fun -- just ask them out and assure them it's your treat.

Aquarius spends their day off in their workshop, perfecting that model they've been building -- or engine, or CPU, or whatever mechanical or technological wonder they've been tinkering with lately. If they finish the project, well, then it's off to the hobby shop or electronics store for more supplies to start the next thing.

Dreamy Pisces spends their day off out in the yard sipping iced tea with mint sprigs under the lemon tree, appreciating the tangy citrus scent in the air and the soft buzzing of the bees that hover over the flowers, while composing a poem about the strangely scary yet compelling dream they had the night before.

*Author Unknown*

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