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{* I found this in my e-mail and thought I would share it with everyone. I've been told that I am a walk in. :) Very intriguing! ~ Lisa *}


A walk-in is thought to be a person whose original soul has left their body and been replaced with a new soul.
In today's times, "true" or sincere walk-ins might be a rare but possibly real medical or mental health phenomenon. A typical walk-in report involves an individual (frequently, but not always, female) who is badly injured, falls ill or is in some way incapacitated, or seems to "die" on the operating table during surgery, perhaps later reporting a near-death experience. Others claim that deep emotional trauma and suicidal desires alone may set the stage for a walk-in experience.
Most walk-ins will tell you that they have no idea where the original person or soul is or that the original soul has left that body and has already gone to heaven and have left them in charge of this body they walked into. They may also say that they are an angel; a "new" version of the former self; an older, more experienced soul; less often, a brand new one who has never incarnated before; or any manner of other origins.
Walkins also claim to have higher pyschic abilites and the like. Some studies show that they can be multiple personalities and some of the original souls can and do come back. It is thought at Abraham Lincoln was a walk-in. A period of unconconsciousness is followed by a new self. Some of the cases studied for this phenomenon were Pre-Sybil and Mary Reynolds.
Some walk-ins come into much younger bodies, but this is more the exception than the rule. When a child walk-in occurs, it is because the soul coming in needs the experiences of childhood and adolescence as a foundation for their mission. Childhood and adolescent walk-ins usually don’t awaken until they reach adulthood. More often than not, walk-ins step in when the host soul has reached adulthood. This allows them to utilize the maturity and life experience gained by the host soul.
There are the types of walk-ins:
  1. Full soul exchange - The host soul vacates the body.
  2. Soul braid - the host soul receives and braids with the incoming walk-in soul for a specific length of time.
  3. Stasis walk-in - The least common of walk-ins and the one requiring the most experience. Most often used by the ancient time healers. A stasis walk-in in one whose body is in stasis on their home world while their consciousness projects into our world and animates a body that the host soul has vacated. The walk-in soul will leave the body during the sleeps state in order to return home to carry on their other life. This type of walk-in is temporary and lasts for the duration of a mission. The host soul can return once the walk-in’s mission is complete. The host soul is usually a time healer as well.
Indications of a walk-in are:
  • Usually occur during a traumatic event in the host soul’s life such as a severe illness or a car accident. Many come in during a near death experience. This is the most common way for walk-ins to exchange places, but it is not the only way. Yet, most all cases the walk-in occurs when the host is unconscious.
  • Sudden onset of physical pain in the neck and shoulders that wasn’t there before the walk-in.
  • Feel like an impostor within the family.
  • Loss of coordination and memory lapses. Trouble with speech.
  • Sudden change in tastes such as food, clothing and decor.
  • Sudden loss of interest in career and hobbies. New ones are found along with a sudden interest in all things spiritual.
  • Sudden change in relationships with family and friends. Some relationships become distant while others get stronger.
  • Divorce occurs usually within 2 - 3 years after the walk-in has arrived.
  • Strong knowing that they have a mission to accomplish though they may not remember what it is at the present time.
  • Some walk-ins have memories of their home world or ship.
  • Walk-ins usually carry the Crystal Gene.
  • Many feel drawn to do grid and vortex work.
Walk-ins have a more challenging role on earth because they have spent most of their incarnation on another plane of existence and then come to earth in the middle to later part of that incarnation.


StarseedsStarseeds are those who have come to this planet to incorporate information when one cysle is ending and another one is beginning. When the frequency of the planet increases so does their level of awareness and the need to help others increases. The main purpose is to return to their natural state of being which is a soul spark of light.

Many work in the esoteric fields - healing, searching for their own truths and their soul mission through studying systems of higher wisdom, writing their biographies as a means of clearing issues and understanding their work here and now. and the are pre-programmed to search out others like them.Many are drawn to animals and other life forms on earth that, in fact, closely resemble their true form. For example, some are very drawn to dolphins; there is a race of Beings called the Nommos who live on a planet in the Sirius star system. There are other factors indicating a starseed identity.
  • They have an intense sense of loneliness.
  • They feel like they don’t belong in their earth family.
  • They have a fascination with the stars and feel as though their home is out there, but they can’t remember where.
  • They begin to question the ways of earth at an early age. Many are the black sheep of their family.
  • They are drawn to metaphysics seeking answers to why they feel so alone and why they don’t seem to fit in on earth.
  • Many have an adversarial relationship with the parent of the opposite sex.
  • The majority of starseeds have the facial shape of their mother but the remainder of their physical body is like that of their fathers, or the other way around depending on which parent is the real parent, the starseed parent from off planet. This is done for a reason.
  • Lower than normal body temperature and inability to handle heat.
  • The majority of starseeds and walk-ins carry the Crystal Gene for DNA Recoding/Ascension. Once activated, the crystal gene allows for clearer guidance with beings on other dimensions. It acts as a guidance system of sorts, keeping the individual on course in their respective mission. It allows for quicker understanding of the emotional blocks that must be cleared in order to recompile DNA
  • Many feel drawn to do grid and vortex work.

What's A Wanderer

Wanderers are souls connected to another place, planet, or realm, who have come here on a mission, after which they will return home. Wanderers often feel like they do not belong here. Sometimes they forget what their mission is.
Wanderers also believe that they have come to prepare us for a imperitive change posibly for a visit fro Extra Terrestials or moving into love and light, etc. All awakened souls move into this line of thought. It is not special, and becomes more common in the passages of time.
Star People By Brad Steiger
Brad told me that when he had compiled this list of attributes of "Star People" he had no idea how many people would be affected by it. The number of people who currently fit the profile of Star Children - or those who are evolving - has risen greatly since Brad wrote his book. I have therefore removed the stats and just left the information - based on categories. If you do not fit into any of these categories - and feel a sense of disconnection and change within yourself and the universe you are still a Star Child. It is your journey through the Universe of this experiences.
65% are female: 35% are male Compelling eyes Great magnetism and personal charisma Sensitive to electricity and electromagnetic fields Lower body temperature than the norm Chronic sinustis Extra or transitional vertebra Hypersensitivity to sound, light, odors Swollen or painful joints Pain in the back of the neck Adversely affected by high humidity Survived a life-threatening illness Involved in a severe accident or trauma
Feel a tremendous sense of urgency to fulfill their missions Experienced a sense of oneness with the universe Many have difficulty dealing with / or expressing emotions or have a chemical imbalance
All believe in life on other planets Most believe that have lived on another planet and can tell you about it At an early age they had some kind of extraterrestrial, religious or mystical experience Believe they have encountered alien entities of an extraterrestrial or multidimensional level or a being of light Telepathic communication with an alien entity - physical or non-physical They receive some form of communication from a higher source
OUT OF BODY EXPERIENCES Near Death Experiences Out of Body Experiences
Believe in their spirit guides or angel Believe they have been blessed after the appearance of a holy figure An intense religious experience Believe in a God or creational source of energy Believe in miracles Had an invisible playmate as a child Saw an elf - "wee person" - or "fairy" Saw a ghost Aware of parallel existence at this time in other worlds Contact with deceased loved one Believe in reincarnation Have past life memories or / memories from parallel experiences SKILLS Perform healings on themselves and others Experienced a white light during meditation Experience clairvoyance and clairaudience Have made prophetic statements, had prophetic dreams or visions that have come to pass See auras Practice automatic writing.
Lightworkers are people who have chosen to do their part to assist Earth and Mankind in their ascension. Lightworker is a term given to those who are actively on the spiritual path. Not all Lightworkers are starseeds or walk-ins, and starseeds and walk-ins only become Lightworkers when they have made the conscious choice to begin their spiritual path and assist others.
A lightworker is a person who is holding the vision for society as a whole - working with conscious awareness to create balance and harmony within his light body, and thus vibrating in resonance with the higher frequencies of the ascension process.
A lightworker uses his or her imagination and powers of visualization to think and feel at the finest levels of consciousness, and so to adjust the energy blueprint of her light body to reflect the New Earth Consciousness which she is manifesting.
A lightworker lives his life in conscious awareness where he chooses consciously to create, from within his soul energies, a way of life for human society which generates New Earth awareness for everyone.
The changes she brings about within her Self are created by what she is being. It is quite normal for a lightworker to find that she is "between jobs" and, in a way, living a life that is different than most people's.
You find lightworkers stepping outside the drama that has been inherent in life. They live in a world buffered from group consciousness with its fearful elements, and are creating a different reality which, as the number of lightworkers increases, is creating a new level of human consciousness for all.
This is coming about as the consciousness of all lightworkers joins up naturally, through their awareness and coherence. We are starting to see a new group consciousness, free from fear, and an underlying orderliness in society.
Synchronicities are becoming natural and life is flowing with much more ease towards where we actually want to go. Negative tendencies are naturally falling away and being replaced by a feeling of love flowing through the body, which is helping create balance, health, and a life of peace and of feeling a part of the greater whole.
Relationships are becoming much more unconditional, with love being shared from a full heart. Neediness is falling away and people are becoming open and free with each other. Family life is growing in harmony, as all family members come into the New Earth energies, and all reflect this natural harmony and maximize personal growth.
A steady trickle of money is starting to appear in the lives of lightworkers, as they begin to live their dreams from within their own heart. Their careers are coming from within, and they know their own life purpose. As they provide products and services for others within this new career structure, all they need or truly desire is flowing effortlessly into their lives.
Health is becoming normal for lightworkers, as they align their life to their soul's purpose and allow their love to flow out to all aspects of their life. Lightworkers are beginning to look younger than their years, as stress levels fall, and harmony and abundance prevail.
Healing comes naturally from within the energies of a lightworker, and harmony and personal growth are blossoming as each person honours his own nature, and lives his dreams and life purpose in natural harmony with all around him
Indications of a lightworker are:
  • They experience an awakening and begin the Spiritual Path
  • They have a deep heart connection to Earth and drawn to help save her.
  • Many are drawn to grid and vortex earth
How to Know if You Are a Walk-In
"A strong body and a good mind are terrible things to waste..." not to mention if that body and mind are also abundant in health, wealth, and a good position in life. This is the driving force behind the exchange of Souls that takes place when one has "walked out" of a body-mind and another has "walked in".
About "Walk-Ins": "Walking in" is a quick - but not always an easy - way for "advanced beings" to come "down to Earth". The Soul exchange between the "walk-in" and "walk-out" takes far less time than it does for most "walk-ins" to adjust to their new situation.
The "Forgetting": Like all who come to Earth and incarnate into a physical body, the "walk-in" will "forget" - temporarily or permanently - about this exchange. Yet the effect on their lives will be totally unmistakable. This is because while the "walk-in" assumes the personality of the "walk-out" at the exchange, they immediately start to change so that they can go back to their "real" personality.
Why "Walking-in" can be Difficult: Typically, a Soul exchange is made by the "walk-in" taking on the lower three personality chakras of the "walk-out" while retaining their own upper four spiritual chakras. The lower chakras must remain connected to the earth at all times for the body to survive. Yet the upper chakras are a person's "divine core essence" which they carry betwen lives and bodies.
When "Walking-in" is a Serious Problem: If there is serious "incompatibility" between the upper and lower chakras after the "walk-in", this will manifest as numberless difficulties in an individual's life. So if you have experienced 7 or more out of 10 of the symptoms below in a period of 3 to 6 months, it is likely that you are a "walk-in". It is also likely that you may need some help getting clarity about your situation so that you can better adjust to your new life.
The Top Ten Signs that You May Be a Walk-In
Walking into a new body is as stressful for the "soul" walking in as it is for the "body" that is receiving that soul. To make it easier all the way around, many walk-ins occur while the body is "unconscious" for an extended period of time due to a serious illness or injury. This becomes easier because..
  • It is easier for the exchange to occur. The "walk-in" can take time to adjust to being in a body and the "walk-out" can say "goodbye" to their old life.
  • It is easier for the body-mind to harmonize and reintegrate the upper and lower chakras because "full time" can be devoted to this process.
  • It is easier for the family and friends of the person to accept the changes that follow when the individual "wakes up as a new person".
When walk-ins occur in a perfectly healthy body, it is likely that periods of mental disorientation will happen. This manifests as total or partial memory loss and/or episodes of "lost time". This happens because the body-mind is fully engaged in processing the "walk-in" integration and literally has no resources to devote to "non-essential" functions like recording new memories.
One of the first noticeable changes in a "walk-in" is a dramatic change in their belief systems - especially as it pertains to religion. "Walk-out" atheists become "walk-in" believers. Or "walk-outs" from traditional sects turn suddenly to "new age" beliefs and practices. Or "walk-outs" who had disempowering attitudes (like sexism or racism) become "walk-ins" who "suddenly got religion".
More obvious to friends and family are dramatic shifts in the way the "walk-in" now spends his or her time compared to the "way they used to be". It is extremely likely that the "walk-in" will acquire new overwhelming and absorbing interests that never would have appealed to the "walk-out".
This is because most "walk-ins" have returned to Earth for a reason. Immediately after the exchange and for six months to a year afterward, they will find themselves absolutely compelled to take actions that "point them in the right direction" of accomplishing whatever their new mission is.
The acquisition of "new interests" by the "walk-in" is directly related to their "discovering" whatever seems to be new "talents, skills, and abilities" for them. The truth is that the "walk-in" is just in the process of "awakening to those things which they already know, that they already can do".
Since the "walk-ins" usually have a "higher" state of consciousness than the "walk-out", they are better able to handle the "problems" they have inherited from the "walk-out". The "walk-in" will suddenly have great clarity about how to resolve intractable issues that have eluded the "walk-out" for years.
Only the person who lives inside their own skin - 24 hours a day, 7 days a week - can ever truly know who they really are. Other people experience you like the proverbial "elephant in the dark" - they know only bits and pieces of you.
Only you know if you are - on the inside - the same as you have always been or if now you are "somehow different". If you are certain that somehow you have experienced a deep and profound change and are "no longer" yourself, then you are probably right. After all, who would know better than you?
There is an old saying: "by their deeds shall ye know them". Sometimes the "walk-in" has so strongly identified with the "walk-out" that they have difficulty believing that they have really changed. This is almost always the case of you "not being able to see the forest for the trees".
If everyone around you says that you have changed... If everyone around you can date the change as in "you were this way before the date" and "you were that way after the date"... If everyone around you is very concerned that you have changed and MUST get help while you know that nothing is wrong with you... then - maybe, just maybe - they are right. Maybe others know you are a different person because you are. Maybe - just maybe - it is because you are a "walk-in".
Marriages usually end because one person believes that the other person is "not the person that they married". A spouse can often have the clearest perspective about your condition because they are the one who spend the most time with you. If a "walk-in" has happened, almost certainly a divorce will follow. This is because - at the highest level - the people are no longer in agreement to be together.
Ironically it is the spouse of the "walk-in" who usually is the one to call it quits. "Walk-ins" most often will try to honor the commitments made by the "walk-out". This is true of almost everything except for the "walk-out's" job/career/work. Usually the "walk-in" will immediately end their current job so that they can free themselves up to pursue their "new mission in life".
If it seems that "walking-in" is a great deal for the "walk-in" but not so great for the "walk-out", be sure to read this fine print.
The individual who agrees to "walk-out" usually does so because they no longer find life desirable. Perhaps the "walk-out" has lost a "loved one" and cannot get over their grief. Or maybe the "walk-out" is tired of living, has completed their contract, and no longer wishes to go on. Or possibly the "walk-out" is in a difficult health, wealth, or relationship situation and is not able to find their way out of it.
There is always "unfinished business" from the "walk-out" that the "walk-in" must complete before the "walk-in" is free to "live their own life". This usually manifests as a rapid series of challenging life problems to be resolved by the "walk-in"
adapted from data provided by "Walk-Ins for Evolution" and channeled information

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