Thursday, June 20, 2013

Angel of Death

Adrianna walked the cemetary, weaving her way among the headstones.
She trailed her hand across them as she walked slowly, her eyes staring into the darkness at the moving shadows.
"We've been searching every cemetary looking for the one and have yet to find her.. but I have a feeling things are about to change."
She could hear the moans and cries of the shadows echoing around her, warning her of the intruder.
Smiling confidently she stepped toward the intruder and stopped after she heard a soft sob come from within the darkness.
She watched as a young child moved among the headstones and stop at a large cross stone.
She pulled out a candle and lit it, the young girl looked to be 13-14 years of age.
Her clothes torn and dirty, and her once lovely face was covered with bruises from numerous beatings she's had to endure at such a young age. Adrianna frowned and froze in her spot to listen as the young child spoke.
Her heart broke as the child begged for death to come claim her.
She spoke of her life with her mother and the whoring her mother forced her into.
Adrianna stepped forward and knelt next to the girl, she placed a hand on the child's shoulder and smiled. "There is much darkness in your heart my dear girl.. I can help you."
A look of fright crossed the child's face,"I can't go home.. I just can't.."
Adrianna stood and waved her hand into the night sky.
The shadows seemed to slowly melt into the darkness, the sky twinkled with thousands of stars. Adrianna handed the girl a small black crystal. "Sarah, I am here to help you, but first you need to go home and sleep. When you get home tell your mother that you are going to bed and don't wish to be disturbed. Place this beside your door and get into bed and sleep. You won't be disturbed the whole nigh , that much I promise you."
Adrianna watched the girl go and soon the shadows swirled around her. "This is the one we've been searching for." she thought silently to herself.
The shadows continued to swirl and dance about her whispering. Adrianna closed her eyes and soon vanished within the darkness of the night.
Sarah took the stone home and did as she was told.
The man in the room with her mother looked at her hungrily and took a step toward her.
Sarah ran into her room and placed the crystal next to the door.
For the first night in 10 years she slept the whole night and dreamed of her father.
That night Adrianna appeared outside the girls window and walked around to the front door.
Without knocking, she went into the house and stood face to face with the mother.
A look of fear crossed the woman's face as she watched the shadows enter the house and cover the walls, dancing and swirling about.
The woman could hear the whispers coming from the darkened walls.
Adrianna walked over to the woman and slid her hand to her throat. "Pity.. she wished for death.. isn't it sad that your own child would rather die than live with her mother?"
"Sssaaarraaahhhh.. the time has come... come to us, let us take your father."
Sarah walked out of her bedroom and crossed over to Adrianna, the bruises on her face seemed to have healed and the cuts vanished.
Adrianna placed her hand on the girls shoulder and nodded to the shadows.
The shadows swirled around them and enclosed them, Sarah clung to Adrianna's hand and let out a small scream and crumpled heap on top of her father's grave.
Moments later a thin whisp of silver light drifted up and floated among the shadows... Adrianna could hear the faint voice in the air. "Father.. father where are you?"
A male voice called to young Sarah, "I'm here my Sarah.. forever and always."

Two days later during the funeral, Adrianna stepped out from behind a tree to observe.
No one arrived for the young girl's funeral, not even her mother.
She felt a hand slid into her's and looked to find Sarah smiling at her.
A handsome man stood next to her smiling.
She felt the small hand leave hers and watched as they walked into the trees and out of sight.

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