Sunday, May 05, 2013

Spray Park Fun

Yesterday I went to the Spencerport spray park with my sister Melisa and my neices whom I affectionately call my Munchkins... The weather is beautiful.. It felt so good to soak up some sun! I swear with as sick as I have been feeling as of late, yesterday was fantastic, I didn't cough once! Got home and took a shower, discovered a newly acquired sunburn.. I guess I need stronger sunscreen.. the water shoots out from everywhere and the girls had a blast. There were even adults and dogs running around in the water. lol Madison of course found some mud and proceeded to go make mud angels while Morgan ran around playing with one of her friends from school.. her BFF as they call each other. :) An hour before we were going to leave I went to the bathroom and found handwriting on the toilet paper dispenser.. how true is this... "There's always time to write!"

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