Saturday, April 27, 2013


Witches are everywhere around you. They are business men and women, postal workers, daycare providers, actors and actresses and musicians.
Witchcraft is not nor is it ever evil in any way shape or form. You will find by talking to witches that they don't believe in the christian devil. If one doesn't believe in it.. why would they worship it?
Witchcraft is not a hobby or past time, it is a religion, a lifestyle. Your walking your own path, sure it may be similar to other witches, but it is actually a path made just for you. Witches respect other religions even though ours is deemed as bad and evil by the "others".
If you enter my home you may see a gargoyle floating around. He tends to get moved from table to table or up by the television set.
On the table next to the couch is a bible that belongs to my mother. She respects my religion and I respect her's. That's the way things should be with everyone, unfortunately it's not like that with the "others".

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