Friday, March 01, 2013

March Madness

March has finally arrived which means Spring is right around the corner! I'm in the planning process of my garden. I'm determined to give it a try this year. My tomato plant did ok last year, but not as great as I thought it would. I only had 5 or so tomatos on it, though the neighborhood squirrels enjoyed the green ones and my onions.
I had a weird dream during my nap...
I was taken to the hospital but I don't know why.. The doctor was chatting with me and admired my wallet saying how she needed a new one I don't recognize the wallet at all but in the dream I knew it was mine. Spooky was with me also he was wandering around. There were two girls who were fighting fists were flying between those two. Then mum came in and we walked through ...the door to leave.
Turns out we were in this womans home.. I heard a creepy female voice tell me how she lived in this home alone. At first it was beautiful inside.. All clean and beautiful. We stepped outside and I realized that Spooky was missing. The voice in my head said to leave him. I found him crammed most uncomfortably in a box of some sort.. I grabbed the box and made it to the door in time to see mum drive off.
The voice was saying "Leave her" over and over again. I yelled as she drive off the I began to run and leapt off the top of a small hill and flew after her with Spooky and a tiny purse. My big one and wallet were missing.

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