Monday, March 18, 2013

Accessing Past Lives

Have you ever wondered how you know what you know, why you are attracted to or repelled by certain people, places and objects - or even periods of history? Why you enjoy certain foods, fragrances, music or physical locations and dislike others? Do you dream of other time periods, especially ones you experience repeatedly? These experiences may be your past lives speaking to you.
It doesn’t take an oracle to tap into your past lives. In fact, it’s easy for you to open the door to an exciting new adventure and reveal who you were in a past life.
Consider how your memories come to you. You experience them in one or more of your senses: seeing, hearing, feeling, tasting, smelling. The following exercise may teach you something about yourself that you never knew.
Exercise 1: Think of an example for each of these questions:
• Do you imagine in pictures? Can you see in your mind with your eyes open or closed? Do you see color or black and white?
• Can you remember and re-experience sounds such as music or a song in your head? Can you recall conversations? Can you in fact hear them?
• Can you remember what something feels like to touch? Do you remember experiences through your emotions, either positive or negative?
• Can you remember and re-experience in your mind the tastes of foods that you like or dislike? Are there any foods that you remember by the way they feel in your mouth?
• Can you bring back the memory of an aroma? Can you remember a fragrance that is pleasing and comforting?
You may have answers to all the questions above, or you may be able to remember with only one or just a few of the senses. That is the way you are; no one will do this exercise the same way.
So how well do you imagine? Memories are a form of imagination. The way you recall in your five senses is the way you imagine. Your unconscious mind is the repository that holds all the images in your memory, even those from past lives.
Some people have a hard time accepting what they are imaging. They analyze the bits and pieces and miss the big picture that is arising from their unconscious mind.
Exercise 2: Try this to see how well you imagine with your senses:
• Imagine a relaxed, positive and peaceful place in your mind that may be real or made up. Can you visualize it?
• Can you place yourself in the picture, experiencing the sounds, temperature, smells, or even tastes if there are any? What are you wearing? Are you holding or carrying anything?
• How does it feel to be in this place? If you can imagine a good feeling, take a comfortable long breath and let yourself enjoy this positive and relaxing feeling.
Were you able to experience this exercise through one or more of your senses? If you did, you are already well on the way to developing tools that will help you in discovering your past lives.
How many times have you heard someone wistfully long for “the olden days”? Do you have a favorite time in history that you are especially attracted to or interested in? If you do, take a comfortable breath and perform the following exercise.
Exercise 3: Imagine a picture from an olden time that interests you. Make note of the details in the scene.
• Can you imagine being in the scene and looking through the eyes of someone there? If you can, raise your hand and feel their hair and describe what you feel.
• Look at their feet. What do you see? Are they barefoot or wearing shoes?
• What about the clothes? Long, short, silky, rough? How do they feel when you run your hands over them? How they feel as you are wearing them?
• What is the temperature there? Look around – can you tell what season it is?
• What do you imagine for smells? Food, fires for cooking or warmth, perfume, the scent of flowers?
• Do you experience the taste of anything? Remember that some scents or images, like lemons, can evoke a taste or a feeling in your mouth.
• What are the emotions connected with the scene? Happy or unhappy? Is there peace and plenty, or war and need?
• Can you now play and witch this scene as if it is a movie? If something is unpleasant, you can always come back to the surface of your conscious mind.
• Play the scene in your mind, looking around 360 degrees – what is going on around you? Is there something you should be doing right now? Perhaps you are making something like a meal or pottery? Maybe you have something in your hand, is it humble or ornate?
• How do you feel as you play and watch the scene? Perhaps the pride of an artisan in his or her craft? Maybe there are children or animals requiring your attention? Are you hungry or well fed, clean or grimy, striving or subjugated?
Play the scene for as long as you can, taking in each detail, each nuance through your senses. Now come back to full consciousness. Did you experience anything? If you did, you may have discovered a scene from one of your past lives. That is how easy it is.
And nothing may happen the first or second or even third time you try this. Keep at it, and don’t bring any preconceptions to the exercises like how you may have died in a past life because you’re afraid of something now, or that you must have been royalty, or that your current gender is the one you’ve always been.
*Author Unknown to Me*

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