Tuesday, March 19, 2013

11 Things About Being a Witch

1.) We do NOT recruit other's into the Craft. When one is interested in it they will become one of us. Not until then. There are NO fees to be a witch.
2.) We do not worship Satan or the Devil. He is something the christians came up with not us. We don't believe in the bible or in hell. Once again they are purely christian idea's.
3) Witches believe in reincarnation. You might find a few who don't as well. We believe that we're here to learn a lesson we didn't learn in a past life.
4) We don't discriminate against anyone. Black, white, pink, purple, gay, straight.. we are all one in the Gods eyes.
5) We are our own person. There might be a teacher who will show you how things go, but in all we make our own decisions and we have noone whom we have to bow down to.
6) We are ourselves. We change our beliefs for noone. We are each unique and follow our own path.
7) A witch can read anything he/she wants. She can eat anything he/she wants. There is nothing or no one to tell you wat you can and can't do.
8) A witch does not have to pay to be part of a group... I'm not sure if covens charge member dues or not, but solitary ones are fee free. There is no one to pay your money we spend it on ourselves.
9) We are not stupid fools who believe that we are the only religion. We know that we are NOT the only religion. There is NO 1 true path and if your an idiot who believes yours is the 1 true path then keep on walkin past this page.
10) Witchcraft allows you to truly be yourself. To feel the power you have buried inside of you.  You are allowed to feel how you feel and be who you are without fear of persecution. Withcraft helps you to become a better and stronger person.
11. Witchcraft allows you to bring your hopes, dreams, and heart’s desires to your reality. Using your energy you can do it if you believe you can. All is possible. All is real.

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