Tuesday, February 12, 2013

The Little Applebee's Ghost

Meet the Applebees Ghosty. Back in March 05, I was at the resturant with some friends and my family. My friend's daughter Allison was playing around with my camera phone and snapped the picture on the left. On the way to there I had asked my friend Sarah, who is a medium, if ghosts could follow someone home.  She said Yes, and this little one decided to give me an answer herself.
I believe this is the spirit of a young girl who hangs around the daycare I used to work at. I do know that she is at my home quite a bit. My oldest neice Morgan has seen her in my bedroom.
When i got home that night a friend took the image and brightened it.
Morgan and I found that her name is Isabella when we used the pendulum. I found out a month or two before she found out her name.

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