Monday, February 04, 2013

Spellcasting Ethics

If properly done, spells do indeed work. A spell is merely using your energy to achieve a desired goal.
"Do what thou will, An it Harm None"
~ NEVER ever work your magick to harm another . Using your magick in a negative and irresponsible way with your spell work will result in the same negative energy bouncing back onto you. As I enjoy saying.. Karma has no friends and she gives out absolutely NO second chances. You give out what you send out. 

~ NEVER use your magick to manipulate other's, playing with another's free will is morally wrong. Most witches, who have morals that is, know better than to do spells that will manipulate another person's free will. There's are some love spells that a witch will not do for this very reason.
~ NEVER work a spell for your own gain at someone else's expense. When you create something you'll have to deal with the Karmic backlash and it hurts.. There's nothing wrong with doing spells for your own needs and desires, but you must ensure that no one else will suffer from it.  
Basically your intentions are key here. Positive intentions will bring you positive results, Negative will bring Karma to your doorstep ready to kick your arse for being an arse.
Think before you cast.

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