Friday, February 01, 2013


Madison is spending the night tonight because Morgan is sleeping at her friend's house so Madison has Grandma and I all to herself! We played online, looked at video's and she did her reading homework, we played Gauntlet on Playstation2 and when the time came we went downstairs so that I could watch my Ghosty shows and we could eat dinner.
Considering I have a dog that sleeps with me and a cat, she opted to sleep with Grandma, which I'm ok with since I don't plan to go to bed until 2-3am..  


  1. You so can't miss those so scripted and faked ghost shows lol..

  2. I could have missed them if I had wanted to, but alas I wanted to watch them.I know they're scripted, but they are still entertaining. Just because you don't watch them and are a skeptic, doesn't mean I can't watch them and enjoy them. There's absolutely nothing wrong with believing in the Paranormal ya know.