Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Idiot christians

I have had to deal with many idiot christians in my life. Mind you not all of them are idiots, I have met some very nice ones who have gone the non judgemental route. They show me respect so my respect for them is earned. I deal with them in my own way, but ignoring their stupidity and send a quiet prayer for them to the Gods.
I refuse to hide my pentacle at work because it offends someone. If I have to hide my pentacle then I sure as hell better not see any crosses around someone's neck. What's fair is fair.  I have been told that I'm going to hell, and that my Gods don't exist.
Now my thing is.. there were Gods around long before the christian god and the bible came to be. When the christians came to town there was bloodshed.. really why would you follow a god like that? I'm totally baffled at how some people can be so bloody stupid in the christian world. 

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