Thursday, January 31, 2013

Witch Stones

A few years ago my youngest neice told me about some monsters that were coming into her bedroom through the windows. They were also coming in through the closet door as well. Now I partially took this to be a Monster, Inc.. thing because at the time it was her favorite movie and we had watched that about 5 times during the week.
So I after she left I went out and grabbed a handful of medium sized stoned from my yard and brought tem into the kitchen where they recieved a good washing. Then they were painted with nail polish.. the shimmery kind so that they sparkled in the sunlight. Once dried I gave one to har and told her that it was a Witch Stone.
The Witch Stone was made by a witch for her to put on the window ledge in her bedroom, once there it will keep all of the monster from coming through the window.
It worked, no more monster came in through the window and that made her happy and she felt safe, which was why I created the Witch Stone in the first place.
I have a bowl of Witch Stones on the shelf in my bedroom of various colors. Not only are they good at keeping monsters away, but they make a good decoration.  

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