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Tessa's Articles continued..

Ways To Tell The Future
Here are a few ways that you can find out your future.
1.Tarot Cards~ The history of the cards vary, but it can be reasonably assumed they originally started in Egypt. They eventually became the cards you see today. The present form of tarot cards were designed by a Roman Catholic Jesuit priest who practiced and studied Kaballah, a Judeo Mystical philosaphy often employed by Chritians. A tarot deck must include 22 major arcana cards and 56 minor arcana cards consisting of for suits.
2. Astrology~ From the mid-east, mostly Byzantium or Chaldea, the study of the stars and planets is by far one of the oldest and most popular forms of divination today. It remains basically unchanged in three milenniums, though with the discovery of "new" planets (i.e Uranus,Neptune and Pluto), certain modifications have been made. Basically it consists of 12 houses,12 signs and nine planets and ther arrangement in the heavens at a prescribed time.
3.Caracoles~ Originally from West Africa,the shell reading was brought to the New World by slaves. It remains very popular in Caribbean,especially in Cuba.By reading the numeric pattern of cowrie shells, the divine relates it to legends and stories of the nature spirits. There are 256 patterns and over 25,000 combinations.
4. Spiritualism~ This is very common among primal people. It includes spiritual possesion by the dead or by nature spirits. The Spirit tells the curious what they can expect in the near future and what they must do to avoid the pitfalls or ensure the rewards.
Magic Love Signs & Capatibility for Cancer's
Aries~ Both of theses signs are too much alike to get anything done. Cancer is too emotional for fiery Aries,and the ram is too demanding for the moon child.
Taurus~This an excellent match~ The earth sign wants to do physical things outside the house and the water sign wants to fo things indoors.
Gemini~The twins are very moody~ as is changeable Cancer. Rarely are their biorhythms in sync.
Cancer~ Two of the same sign might make great friends~but bad lovers.It works if there are mitigating moon and rising signs.
Leo~ Cancer isn't fulfilled emotionally by insensitive Leo. This fire sign finds the crab too needy.
Virgo~ Virgo does well with Cancer because of a need to be mothered. Virgos tend to be people pleasers,which makes the moon child feel appreciated.
Libra~ A Libra likes to be in charge,as does Cancer.It may work out in the beginning, but not in the long haul. Scorpio~ These signs probably are the best match of any two. Scorpio will bring the crab to new heights. Sagittarius~ Fiery Sagittarius cannot tolerate slow moving Cancer. Both are too moody for each other. Capricorn~ These two signs are attracted to each other,but rarely works out.When it does work, though,it is outstanding.
Aquarius~ Gregarious and intelligent, this air sign is out for all the friends and strangers in the world. Cancer is unnerved that Aquarius never has enough time.
Pisces~As good of a match as Scorpio/Cancer and Virgo/Cancer maybe even better.The twin fish must be careful not to feed in each other's insecurities.
Preparing for candle magick
The candle must contain the essence of the person for who or what the spell you are performing magick or contain your essence if the magick is for yourself.There are several things that you can do to personalize a candle in this manner.As you work with your candle,either focus on your intention for the magick, or remain in a meditative or reflective state for the duration of your work.It is important, while you are working, that you keep in mind the reason or person for whom you are doing the magick and the desired magickal results, and that your magick is for the good of all and that it harm none.Using a knife, lightly carve the name or intention the spell is for into the candle all the while visualizing the result you wish it to achieve.Carve other items into your candle if the spell will be for a individual, which would represent the person, for instance their astrological sign.Next, carve words or symbols into the candle which represent the purpose of the magick.For say a money spell, you would carve the $ symbol and the word money.You can be as specific as you wish.When you have finished carving the name and symbols, it is time to bless your candle.To bless the candle, take the oil your are using for your purpose.Lightly anoint the candle,bottom to top, with the oil.There have been various techniques written for blessing a candles, such as anointing or dressing the candle from the middle to the top, then again from the middle to the bottom.Another suggestion is anointing with the oil toward the wick to draw energy toward you, away from the wick to banish or get rid of negativity.Select the method which works and feels best to you.Intent and the blessing energy you send into the candle are the most important.Your verbal blessing while anointing the candle can be one of your choosing, I use "I do bless this candle with the perfect light and love of the Goddess and of the God So Mote It Be" I was asked by a student what spell do you perform for anointing a candle? I suggest you do it for evey spell you do.It will help the spell reach it's intent. This was written by me after my student asked their question.I hope it helps you too.
Spiritual Cleansing
With the vacation season coming up here is a Spiritual Cleansing that is written to do at the shore, but will work for a lake,stream or any waterplace.
Bring a small bottle or jar of Melao de Cano(Sugar Cane Syrup)and seven pennies with you to the shoreline.
Make the sign of the crosswith a little of the sticky substance on your forehead,back of yourneck,throat,wrists,knees and feet.
Enter the ocean sideways, like a crab.
Once you're in the ocean water at the waist level, say " Ibaiyami,Yemaya,Iba" or the english equivalent,"Hail My Blessed Mother,Hail"
Pour the rest of the syrup counterclockwise around you as you ask her to accept your offering.
Pray to her to cleanse you of all negatives,sickness,hexes and obstacles,then chant "Hekua,lyamiYemaya,Hekua" seven times.
A wave should wash over you,if it doesn't,simply dunk yourself.
Thank her by throwing the seven pennies into the sea.
Say "Modupue,lyami,Yemaya."

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