Thursday, January 17, 2013

Possible craft projects this weekend..

I'm feeling in a crafty mood so I'll be doing a few projects hopefully if everything turns out right.
On facebook I found a photo someone had made of a magic box.. A wooden box with a hinged lid that was painted black. Simple and sweet. I want to make a Wish Box for wish spells. I don't think any harm would come to pass if the spells are all wish spells.. what do you think?
Another project is a baking one, I have so much sugar cookie dough I think baking cookies is in order. Maybe some moons and stars.
I found a few oils I want to make too.
..... Cinnamon oil and Clove oil .....
In a jar put cinnamon sticks standing up until the jar is half full. Before you add the oil warm it in the sunlight by sitting the bottle on the window ledge. Cover the sticks with olive oil and close tightly. Wait two weeks before using.
To make Clove Oil do the same recipe only you substitute the Cinnamon for the Cloves.
The cinnamon oil can be used to make a lip scrub to get your lips kissably soft. In a small bowl add 2 tbsp of cinnamon oil along with 1/2 tbsp of raw sugar, 1 1/2 tbsp of brown sugar and a drop of vanilla. Mix together and store in an air tight container. Rub on your lips in a circular motion and then rinse off.

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