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Miss Tessa's Articles

 I have decided that in memory of my teacher Miss Tessa, I will add her articles to the blog. There are but a few of them that she has sent to me. I haven't heard from her in years as she had been battling cancer the last time we spoke and rumor went around that she had passed away.  So in memory of TessMoonbeam, I wish to share some of her knowledge with you. 
Wanning Moon
The shrinkage of the Moon from full to dark is called the waning phase,and it offers an energy suitable for ression, peaceful seperation,or elimination. Use the waning moon to end undesireable eating patterns,break bad habits,or remove yourself from dysfunctional partnerships or stressful situations. It energies favor any magical efforts requiring decrease or removal. To seal spells performed during the waning moon,use this chant. "Oh Aging One of grace,now hear: With your guidance,this spell steer.Remove all blocks and hesitations. And take it to its destination."
Tea Leaf and Coffee Reading
One of the most well know divinatory devices or medius is tea leaf reading.Lesser known,but much the same is Coffee Readings. The concept is easy.The querent drinks the coffee or tea leaving his psychic impression from the transfer liquids.The residue leaves symbols that have psychic connections to the drinker/querent. The reader instructs the querent to overturn the cup onto the saucer and rotate the cup three times 360 degrees.Often the reader will tell the querent to make a wish or concentrate on what the querent wants to know.Leaves closer to the rim of the cup signify what evens will happen sooner that the leaves at the bottom of the cup.Though there are common associations between the symbols and events for all readers, some have their own interpretations. For instance,everyone generally accepts a heart means love, a bird means happiness and a plane means travel.However,X often means a bad omen or stop. Yet some readers familiar with runes may say that the X represents Gifu,the rune for gifts,legacies, exchanges and sexual union. Letters usually represent peoples names.Numerals literally mean the number. A number next to a object may mean that many times.For instance 2 and a heart may mean two lovers.
The following are generally accepted symbols.
Anchor : Hope
Bell: Wedding or happiness
Bird: Happiness or freedom
Bridge: Cross over
Caduses: Health or healing(but someone must be sick to get this)
Church: Protection
Clover: Luck
Diamond: Wealth
Dog: Loyalty, Friendship
Door: New beginning
Eagle: Success
Fish: Fertility, Wealth(Shark however means enemies)
Gun: Violence or Danger
Heart: Love or Charity
Knife/Sword: Fight-Argument
Octagon:  Stop
Ring: Wedding - Engagement
Scales: Legal Matters/Justice.
A Magical bath
Peppermint - a great healer and refresher. Also cools the body.
Chamomile~ A soothing,relaxing sedative,this herb also brings peace.
Laurel~ This herb brings victory and fame; a bath or head wash of this herb makes others recognize you. Spearmint~ Like peppermint ,it cools the body, but it also cools the mind.It relieves tense situations, too. Parsley~ When the summer sun drains you,parsley rejuvenates you,restoring health,vitality and strength. Rosemary~ Often used for love,it also brings contentment and purification.It is also great or your hair and memory.
Lavender~ Use this essental oil and mix with water; add to a mister and give yourself a spritz to cool off.In a bath it brings peace and pleasant dreams.
Anise Seeds~An excellent purification bath.Especially when added to bay.It is good to for purification and to rid oneself of negative vibes from a person you are dealing with. Also great for purification of your altar objects.
Rose~Increase passion and love with this flower.Use the petals or rose oil in a bath. Each color of a rose represents what you wish to acheve while batheing, such a a red rose for lust etc.
Gem Elixers
I was intrduced to gem elixirs about 10 years ago and have been using them ever since~with amazing results.The concept is simple: By placing crystals or gems in water and exposing them to the sun,the water is infused with the energies of the stone. What to do?
1. Fill a one gallon jar with spring water.
2. Place a medium to large (golf ball sized) crystal into the water. (I've used several small crystals when I couldn't attain a large one and had similar results).
3. Cap the jar tightly and place in the sunlight during the waxing moon.(when the moon is going from new to full).
4. Leave in the sunlight and moonlight for approximately nine days.
5. This water can be then used ( i.e. adding to baths,cleaning objects,drinking directly or used in brewing teas).
The following is a list of crystals and their powers:
1.AMETHYST~Represents,relaxation,meditaion, psychism and peace
2. BLACK AGATE~ Removes negatives and the malocchio(evil eye)~also increses psychic protection.
3.BLACK ONYX~ Same properties as black agate,but is also used to reduce sexual desires.
4. CALCITE~Increases physical energy~add this elixir to any other to double it's effects.
5. CARNELIAN~Assists in healing stomach aliments, increases courage,energy and passion~also used to enhance articulation.
6. CLEAR QUARTZ~Represents energy,protection,spirituality and mental clarity.
7.FLOURITE~Used to develope mental powers,increase memory and enhance learning.
8. GOLD TIGER'S EYE~Increases attraction and communication on all levels.
9. IRON~Used only in cleansings/baths to remove negatives and increase protection.(DO NOT DRINK) 10.MALACHITE~Promotes regenerstive healing, increases fertility, success in love and money. 11.MOONSTONE~Increases psychism and peace~also a great aid in dieters.
12. ROSE QUARTZ~Brings love and beauty, promotes fidelity.
13.SODALITE~Promotes peace,relaxation, removing stress and promotes positive dreams.
Tessa's Money Spell
Several people have asked for the spell I used to win my court case.Here it is. Please remember do not send to other list,post on any site etc. Without my permission. Landa,Lady Leena & Whispering Willow are the only ones that have my permission to post/print this.
1.Place a bowl of water on a yellow cloth.In the bowl,place five pennies,two lodestones and honey.
2. Fill with rain/spring water.
3.Float a Rose of Jerico plant on top of the water. This brown,dried-out plant will open slowly,turning a bright green.
4.Once the plant is open,place a small Our Lady Of Charity tatue on top of it.
5.Light Caridad del Cobre candle next to the bowl.
6.Pray to Oshun/Our Lady Of Charity for help in financial gain.
Do not ask for a specific amount of money ~ but it is ok to ask for money to "pay my bills". If you want a specific item,ask her for it and not money (i.e. a new car,a new washing machine etc.) Every morning, re - light the candle and pray again. Make sure you keep the water filled. Within 25 days you will recieve your request.

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