Friday, January 25, 2013

Friday Musings

I wasn't able to make it online yesterday at all, but I did write this so I'm posting it with todays date to keep my progress of writing everyday going smoothly. So far so good in my opinion. I have yet to miss a day which is very good for me.  My neices spent the day with me yesterday and they also spent the night so I didn't have access to the computer at all. They were taking turns on it so they could take care of their online lessons. Morgan is 11 and she has Math lessons to do online. Madison is 7 and she has reading to do. 
So I figured since I couldn't get online I may as well do something constructive. I worked on cleaning my room. Madison helped me put the Christmas light on back on the headboard and she really enjoyed sliding under my bed and grabbing my foot when I passes by her. Sure I knew she was under there, but she was enjoying herself, so I played along. :) Why spoil her fun? Morgan spent a good amount of time online doing her Math and updating her facebook. She also plays games and writes her stories.
One bad thing about them spending the night.. they're usually up between 6-7am.. UGH!

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