Monday, January 14, 2013

Crystals and their Properties

Crystals have many uses. Not only are they beautiful to look at when clustered together in a crystal bowl on a window ledge, they are also used for healing and storing energy.
I charge them up and add them to whatever potion I'm making, or I will add them to a bath or tie them up in a cheesecloth with some herbs and hang it from the showerhead before a shower. They have many many uses. Here is a snippet from the Llewellyn Worldwide Website :  "Crystals store and conduct energy. They can even absorb one kind of energy and emit another when squeezed, heated or cooled. Quartz crystal absorbs both magnetism from the Earth’s core and radiation from the Sun, and then emits that energy. Kirlian photography has recorded this energy emission, which appears in photographs as a white-light aura radiating from a blue star center. The energy radiant from clear quartz and other crystals is resonant with the human aura; this is its healing attribute.
The resonance occurs rapidly, within a few moments of holding a crystal or gemstone in the hand. Energy from crystals passes through and penetrates all matter, even into human cells. Crystal energy transmission has a magnetic polarity similar to the natural aura polarity used in laying on of hands. Its strong ability to match aura energy and resonate with it makes crystal a powerful healing tool. Clear quartz contains the greatest human resonance and the ability to transmit any color, to focus a chosen strand of its rainbow white light spectrum and use it to transmit, store, duplicate and magnify color and aura polarity."


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