Sunday, January 20, 2013

Craft Projects
Frost covered candles
One box epsom salt
Pale blue pillar candles
Mod podge decoupage glue
To make the candles, fill a rimmed baking sheet with the salt.
Coat the entire outside surface of a pillar candle with the decoupage glue such as mod podge, then roll to coat a candle in the salt until fully covered. Set aside for several hours to dry.
 Put the candle in a plate full of salt, and garnish with pinecones and greenery.
Lady Bug Valentine with a Lollipop
To make use red and white card-stock along with brads (metal paper fasteners), 4 1/2 ” square of black tissue paper, Tootsie Pops and wiggly eyes.
If you want to make some ladybug valentines, here is the download for the body and wings.
Place a little glue stick around the bottom of the wrapper and wrap the black tissue paper around the sucker. Next we attach the wings to the body with the brads, then hot glue the ladybug to the lollipop. Finished!
NB: If you can't find brad, colour them with a sharpie marker
For pictorial help:


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