Thursday, January 03, 2013

Connecting with your Gods

While in a community on livejournal someone commented on how she felt out of touch with the Goddess due to her busy schedule as a mum to a beautiful 6 month old lil girl and wife. These words struck at me and made me think.. "I am highly disappointed in myself." As I responded to her I realized that I pretty much wrote my own article, so here it is. I kind of reworded it a bit, but it's pretty much the same.
There was a time when I had less and less time to study my religion, but I have found that the Goddess is patient and though my mind may not be on her at all times, she knows I love and adore her. She knows everything your going through and she will always be there. When I lay in bed at night I shield my family, pretty much every night this is done and I do it knowing that the Goddess has those I love shielded safely in her protective energies. I thank her as well whether it be, throwing food out for the animals in my back yard, or at times I'll just sit and think of her. My youngest neice loves to touch my pentacle and she tells me what each point means, she tells me the elements, not in perfect order, but she's learning. I told her it's a symbol of the Goddess and she repeats it back to me. I think that you should strive to learn something new every day or do something everyday that is witchy themed. Plants both inside and out, do witchy crafts, read, sit outside and do nothing but take in the beauty of the Goddess around you. Even saying a simple prayer to her. It's amazing how making a simple craft, like a bracelet with a moon charm on it will do for you. My neice likes to paint, so I'll sit with her and paint pictures of the triple moon and stars, she's mastered the stars but is having a slightly difficult time with the triple moon. Or walking outside and leaning against a tree, or playing chase with the kids in the rain. The rain is cleansing and you feel like a kid again. By the time you come in your body is cold from the rain (if the rain was cold that is) but you feel good afterwards.. you feel clean. It's like that with me, I feel clean spiritually and mentally. I don't think anyone should ever be disappointed with themselves because they can't spend the time they need on their religion. Your chosen God knows what you are capable of, she/he knows where your heart lays and she/he wants you to know that they are there for you, whenever you need them.. all you have to do is call upon them.. BELIEVE in them!

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