Tuesday, January 01, 2013

And so it begins..

Well a new year.. a new blog. I have decided to move all of my witchyness off my facebook, due to conflicting interests of various family and friends. Though they are "forgiving" of my sins or so it appears as they haven't condemmed me to hell as of yet.
I made a few resolutions this year. I tried to keep the list short and sweet as last year it was a long one and I didn't accomplish half of the stuff on the list. lol
1. Learn something new everyday. It's back to doing my random research topics.
2. To not let anything get to me, don't need to worry about what I have no control of. I tend to worry alot, but I know this can be done as I've done it last year.
3. Get some money saved up. Extremely hard but I know I can do it!
4. Write daily.. my goal is to write in this blog every single day.
5. To try to keep a positive attitude daily, very hard at work as of late.. between customers and employees.. I swear it's like there's a full moon every day with those people!

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