Since everyone seems to be going on a banning frenzy I have a few more suggestions of things to be banned... BTW I'm sorry if anyone gets offended by this.. I find it amusing as to how The Dukes of Hazzard was taken off the TV because of the flag on the roof of the car. That show was a family staple in almost every house in America.
~ Pants hanging down around the bum. I am offended by that.. VERY offended by that. A convict in prison might not be offended and would take great joy in seeing that, but us normal folks would not.
~ The Jeffersons show should be banned since Mr. Jefferson always calls his white neighbour a honky. That is racist.
~ Crackers should be renamed to tiny crispies. Cracker could offend someone.
~ Cracker Barrel should be changed to Caucasian Barrel. Some African American's call white folks crackers don't they? See someone actually started a petition to have Cracker Barrel change it's name to Caucasian Barrel. Check out the petition here..